Take a quick quiz

Do you agree with the following statements?

- I have had a fall in the past 12 months
- Sometimes I feel unsteady when I am walking
- I hold onto furniture to steady myself at home
- I am concerned I might fall if I go out
- I am unable to stand up from a chair without using my hands
- It is difficult to go up a step or onto a curb
- I often have to rush to the toilet
- I have lost some feeling in my feet
- I get dizzy when I move from lying to sitting, or from sitting to standing
- I take four or more medicines each day
- I need medicine to help me sleep or lift my mood
- I often feel sad or depressed
- I have pain on a regular basis

If you agreed with any of the above statements, you may need help to manage your risk of falling.

Contact your local doctor, health or exercise professional to find out more. Consider enrolling in your local Stay Standing program to learn more about falls risks and how to manage them.

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