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Falls injury is the biggest threat to successful independent ageing. The Stay Standing program empowers older adults with strategies for falls risk management in the community. Our core program is based on scientific research and delivered over several sessions. The program may be delivered in-house or collaboratively in line with integrated, person-centred models of care.

There is also a paid online version of the program suitable for older adults with internet access.


Balance & Falls Risk Testing
Staying Safe At Home & Away
Healthy Bones
Staying Comfortable On Your Feet
Managing Medication


Goal Setting
Older Adult Health Emergencies
Managing Urinary Continence
Older Adult Nutrition
Managing Chronic Pain
Managing Sleep

Stay Standing program attendance options

Older adults can subscribe to the Stay Standing program online or attend their local group. Falls risk indicator testing is available at live programs via the My Health Indicators App.

The My Health Indicators App (MHIA)

The My Health Indicators App (or MHIA) is used for testing falls risk as part of the Stay Standing program. With participant consent, MHIA identifies and communicates falls risk for effective care coordination.

Stay Standing

Our Organisation

Our organisation is quality accredited under the Australian Service Excellence Standards (ASES).

Our services include:

  1. A falls prevention learning package for vocational and university trained providers. Our training is endorsed for continuing professional development and includes self-paced online or face-to-face options;
  2. We train you to deliver the Stay Standing program or help you deliver it;
  3. We provide Stay Moving functional strength and balance exercise classes for people age 50+

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By Monique Kurdian.

If you would like to start training to deliver effective falls prevention to groups of older people in your community, or if you are just interested to learn what works to reduce falls risk, click on the orange “Register” button near the top right of this screen. To find out more, see Facilitator Training Registration or email