SMART Goal Setting

I have heard that good writers often share something personal with the reader, so I hope this blog post makes me a better writer! This a photo of me taken immediately after I finished my first ever Sydney City2Surf race in 2014. And yes, those are pink giraffe ears on my head.

Why did I go from no regular exercise to running? And how does this relate to SMART goal setting? In 2014 a dear family member passed away with dementia. I felt powerless and grief-stricken. Research strongly supports regular physical activity to maintain brain health (see our Maintaining Brain Health blog). For the sake of my loved ones’ and my own quality of life, I decided to exercise more regularly and I set myself a SMART goal.

SMART is an acronym for:

S = Specific

M = Measurable and Meaningful

A = Achievable

R = Results oriented and Rewarding


T = Time bound

So I took up running! One of my goals was to complete the 2014 City2Surf, but getting started with training was hard. Physical discomfort, breathlessness, sweat, muscular pain…plus all my mental barriers. At first I could run no more than 50 metres before I had to walk and catch my breath. My SMART goal was to (Specifically) run non-stop for five kilometres in 30 minutes or less (Measureable) by the end of 2014 (Time bound).  I was late in achieving that goal, but I got there in 2015!

I am handing over to you now in signing off. What would you like to be able to do? Something personally meaningful to you, measurable, achievable and time bound? It doesn’t have to involve anything strenuous. Maybe you will take up the Stay Standing home-based balance and strength exercises to help you achieve your own SMART goals. Send your SMART goal setting story to me – I look forward to reading it.